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Eratel Smart Light

Eratel Smart Light

Brightness and color temperature can be adjusted to meet different scenarios,
you can realize remote or voice control functions.

Voice Control

Voice control to change the color of the light, turn the light on and off, or operate through the HOMA App.
Light VC

Easy to replace

Use the universal base, no modification, or direct replacement.
Smart bulb lamp

Remote Control
anywhere, anytime

Just open the app to adjust the lights, and check the status wherever you are.
Gain control on your mobile

Automatic adjustment
of color temperature

Automatic adjustment of cold and warm colors, efficient and energy-saving.
Warm and Cold smart light

Smart Scenes make
Life is a little cooler

Smart Scene linkage

Combine with HOMA products to realize
Intelligent scenarios.

Smart Scenes

Smart Scenes make
Life is a little cooler

Body automatic
Sensor control switch

The light automatically turns on when
Someone passes by, and the lights are
automatically turned off when no one is there.

Smart Scenes01

Time switch to save power

Set lighting modes for different time periods, and the lighting changes with the mood.
Time switch to save power

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